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COMING SOON TO THE CLUB: No More Limit for Play It Again® Entries!

Currently when a Club Member has entered 5,000 points in a calendar month, they are no longer able to enter tickets for any reason. This is changing. In early March 2017, Club Members will be able to continue entering eligible tickets for Play It Again® and/or Second-Chance Promotion entries without earning points once the Point Accumulation Cap has been met. Eligible ticket entries will begin earning points again when the next calendar month begins.

Just like it is now, there will be messages on the ticket entry page that let you know when you are approaching your Point Accumulation Cap and when it has been met for the month. Once you reach the Point Accumulation Cap, a message will be added to inform you that any further tickets entered this month will continue to receive Play It Again® and/or Second-Chance Promotion entries, but will no longer receive points. We hope this is a welcomed change to our loyal Club Members!

Please refer to the Play It Again® Rules and FAQ's for more information on this update.

Play It Again

Exciting Change to Play It Again®

You may have noticed a difference in the number of Play It Again® (PIA) entries received for the new games launched since December, 2014. Here's why.

All instant tickets launched in November 2014 or before (games numbered 001-263) will each have a PIA drawing when they end. Players get 1 entry into those drawings each time they enter one of those instant tickets. Instant tickets launched in December 2014 and carrying forward (games numbered 264 & above) will receive entries based on how much the instant ticket cost ($1 instant ticket=1 entry; $2 instant ticket=2 entries; $3 instant ticket=3 entries; $5 instant ticket=5 entries, $10 instant ticket=10 entries; $20 instant ticket=20 entries; etc) and all eligible entries will be combined into a bigger drawing a couple of times a year.

Games will still be grouped together as they end, but now instead of several smaller drawings throughout the year, all eligible entries will be included in one big drawing a couple times a year! We're excited about this change because it means we will be able to put more prizes into the games for You - our players! Click here to view the rules for additional information on these changes.

Play It Again


Please Note: Beginning Thursday, May 9, 2013, the following important changes to The Club player rewards program will go into effect:

NO WEEKLY 200 TICKET ENTRY LIMIT: The weekly 200 ticket entry limit on the number of eligible tickets a Club Member may enter into The Club will be removed.

MONTHLY POINT ACCUMULATION CAP: Club Members may earn up to 5,000 Points for Prizes® rewards points each calendar month. If you reach the cap of 5,000 Points, you may not enter any more tickets until the first of the following calendar month.

ANNUAL POINT REDEMPTION CAP: Club Members may redeem no more than 100,000 Points for Prizes® rewards points for merchandise from the Points for Prizes® Store during a calendar year. However, you may redeem as many Points for Prizes® rewards points as you wish for entries into Points for Drawings. Points for Drawings entries will not count against the Annual Point Redemption Cap.

IDENTITY VERIFICATION: All Club Members will be required to submit the last four (4) digits of their Social Security number to continue their Club Membership. Without proof of identification, the Club Member will be prohibited from entering eligible tickets and from redeeming Points for Prizes® rewards points for merchandise or Points for Drawings entries.

[Such information is necessary to help validate the identification of the Club Member and thereby maintain the integrity of the program. In this fashion, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery can verify that the Club Member is at least 18 years of age, as required by law; and ensure that each member has no more than one account, as required by the Rules and Terms of Use.]

Beginning Thursday, May 9, 2013, please refer to the FAQ's found on the Points for Prizes® website for additional information on these changes.

Points For Prizes

More opportunities for club members to earn Points for Prizes®!

Starting January 15, 2012, you will be able to earn Points for Prizes® on eligible terminal-generated games offered by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery! Terminal-generated games (like Powerball) are eligible if the ticket includes a POINTS FOR PRIZES® CODE area. Winning and non-winning terminal-generated games that include a POINTS FOR PRIZES® CODE area are eligible! For more information (click here).

Play It Again

Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship

With funding made possible by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship has been expanded to provide opportunities for higher education to previously underserved Arkansans. For complete details and academic eligibility requirements please visit